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Cassidy Crouch

Takanini Office Administrator

At the Ray White Takanini Office, Cassidy will be the first person you see welcoming you with a warm smile. 

Her meticulous attention to detail remains steadfast even in challenging circumstances. Cassidy's commitment to promptly launching property listings and maintaining high standards keeps both clients and team members satisfied. She takes the lead during auction events, overseeing the bidding process to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. From setting up the event and working with the auctioneer to entering bids and managing paperwork, Cassidy ensures everything runs smoothly. Additionally, Cassidy manages office stock and ensures client gifts are prepared for those essential life-changing moments. 

In her free time, she prioritiSes spending quality time with her loved ones. Whether it's hanging out with friends or enjoying moments with her family. Cassidy also indulges in several hobbies that bring her joy and relaxation. She particularly enjoys taking her dog for walks where she appreciates the bonding time and the opportunity to explore new sights with her dog by her side. Cassidy finds joy in exploring the great outdoors through camping and travelling. Whether it's pitching a tent under the stars or embarking on an adventure to new destinations, she thrives on the experiences that nature and travel offer. 

Her passion, upbeat demeanour, and proactive approach make Cassidy an invaluable asset to our team, contributing significantly to our continued success. With Cassidy on board, our operations run seamlessly, delivering exceptional results every step of the way.