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Asifa Chougle

Licensee Salesperson

With her career spanning over two decades as a Sales and Marketing Leader, Asifa has always been passionate about Sales. After working several years for a top-tier corporate in an extremely volatile and dynamic market, Asifa brings to the table her prevalent negotiation and influencing skills. In conjunction with her uncanny people skills, she is committed to delivering a remarkable customer experience and phenomenal results.

Asifa has been a long-time property enthusiast and has always been regarded as a property expert by all her friends and family. When she sold a few of her properties, she intuitively became a sounding board for people around her with their real estate goals. As she empathises with the stress and anxiety buying and selling houses may sometimes cause, she found her purpose of helping people looking to settle into their desired sanctuaries.

She takes a keen interest in identifying people’s needs and offers tailored solutions using her immense knowledge and her aptitude to envisage the evolving market conditions. She believes there is no better reward for her than seeing one find their nest hassle-free, whilst she is working behind the scenes, making this transition a smooth and cherished journey.

Asifa has a vibrant and cheerful personality with a dab of humor that makes her clients feel like family.  Be rest assured that your property-related conversation with her will be lighthearted and insightful at the same time. All her skills bundled with her natural propensity to assist people will help you achieve an unbeatable outcome.

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